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Welcome to the Home of 'Dors Football!

You remember that team that had just a bunch of small guys with a little speed, that everyone said wasn't going to be any good last year, well we made it to the playoffs and were ready to do it again this year.

Boone High Football doing the traditional V-I-C-T-O-R-Y !!

The 'Dors Celebrating another victory during the 2000 season.

Lifetime Memory
By BJ Gibbs

The Moment has now set itself in
The Showdown between Boone and Clear Lake shall soon Begin

A clash of 2 football titans will happen tonight
But only one will come away with the bragging right

The Dors hearts grow stronger with every beat
For knowing they won't go down in defeat

Their eyes grow wider as they see the chance of beating Clear Lake today
Their Motive is simple, to destroy and beat the lions away

For to them it is more than another high school game
It's an opportunity to make a memory of pride and glory
While the others make one of shame

They Know that they won't fail as long as they continue to try
And if their hearts and spirits won't die

Game time has arrived, and the lights are now fully on
Silently a voice whispers to the Seniors:
If not for your self do it for Big John